BMW made a automobile that may change colours

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Proper now, altering a automobile’s exterior coloration includes a conventional portray course of. However what in case you might do it on the contact of a button? That is a function BMW is investigating with the assistance of E Ink expertise, and the German automaker introduced a color-changing prototype automobile to CES 2022 this week.

Dubbed the iX Movement, this electrical SUV prototype makes use of the electrophoretic expertise present in E Ink to alter its exterior coloration virtually instantly. How’s it work? The iX has a particular wrap that brings completely different coloration pigments to the floor through electrical stimulation. The colour-changing impact can go from entrance to again, facet to facet, in stripes, in blotches and so forth. The E Ink wrap permits for this adjustability.

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Watch the BMW iX M60 change colors on the fly


E Ink implementation has two key benefits. First, it opens the door for a whole new world of customization, allowing owners to change their vehicle’s color and design based on mood, scenario or whatever. The car “becomes an expression of different moods and circumstances in daily life,” said Stella Clarke, the iX Flow’s project manager. Right now, though, the only colors are black, white and gray, which is fine if your “different moods and circumstances in daily life” involved feeling bummed on a rainy day. (I can relate.)

The other benefit? Increased efficiency. On hot, sunny days, white cars will stay cooler than black ones because they reflect more sunlight. Similarly, on cold days, dark exterior colors help the car absorb more sunlight, and therefore more heat. BMW says this can reduce the amount of heating or cooling needed to condition the car on hot or cold days, which will improve its overall operating efficiency even if the difference is slight.

E Ink technology is the same stuff used in e-reader tablets, and the iX Flow’s wrap is made of e-paper segments. That’s why the iX can only change colors on the grayscale, but as E Ink tech evolves to include more vibrant colors (hopefully), so too can the iX Flow. After all, it’s just a concept — cool as it is, there’s no telling if BMW will ever bring color-changing body panels to production.

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