Teenagers Clarify Snapchat Streaks, Why They’re so Addictive and Vital to Friendships

Snapchat streaks

One teen’s Snap streaks.

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Instagram likes are nice, hearts on Messages are fantastic, however the one metric by which many teenagers stay and die is the snap streak.

A Snapchat streak is while you ship direct snaps backwards and forwards with a good friend for a number of consecutive days. The longer you go with out breaking the chain of communication, the longer your streak is.

Snapchat rewards longer streaks with particular emojis, such because the “100” emoji for streaks lasting 100 days, or a mountain emoji for an especially lengthy streak.  

Many teenagers make investments an inordinate period of time protecting streaks alive. There’s nothing extra devastating than dropping a streak you’ve got put months of labor into.

Snap streaks have grow to be the default solution to measure success on Snapchat, which is well-known for its lack of a follower rely. However earlier than you go beginning streaks with everybody in your recents, know that it is extra about high quality than amount.

We spoke with 17 teenagers to search out out what snap streaks imply to them and why they’ve grow to be a very powerful metric in social media.

Streaks are proof of friendship

“In case you lose the streak you lose the friendship,” Peter Santa Ana, an 18-year-old in Honolulu, joked. “Some folks I do not stay subsequent to, so if I did not have the snap streak going I would not discuss to them. Possibly if my streak with them ended, I might begin a brand new one, but it surely depends upon how a lot I like them.”

Catie Clarke, a 13-year-old on Cape Cod, agreed that streaks are vital to protecting friendships alive. “On Snapchat, streaks develop a stage of friendship between folks. The longer your snap streak is, the higher buddies you might be,” she defined.

“I believe in some bizarre manner it makes concrete a sense of a friendship,” Jules Spector, a 16-year-old from Brooklyn added. “Like, you may discuss to somebody daily, however a streak is bodily proof that you just discuss daily.”

Having proof of long-term friendships with significant folks may be validating for top schoolers who’re conscious about social dynamics.

“A giant a part of it’s social acceptance,” Will McKelvain, a 15-year-old from Arlington, Virginia, admitted. “Having extra streaks makes you’re feeling extra widespread.”

He added: “I believe streaks are a manner of exhibiting how many individuals you discuss to. It is like a rating. In case you see your folks have numerous streaks, you are like, ‘Whoa, that man is aware of lots of people.’ It exhibits their social standing to see what number of streaks they’ve. But additionally, some folks do not care.”

Highschool friendships may be anxiety-inducing, and lots of stated that snap streaks are a solution to present you are dedicated to a relationship.

“Snap streaks are only a cool solution to join with my buddies daily,” says Rafael Singer, a 14-year-old in Los Angeles. “It is a dedication on each components to maintain the streak going and see how far you may take it. When you begin a streak with somebody, you have to be dedicated to only ship a fast message daily. In case you cease it, it exhibits that you do not actually care about that particular person.”

“Streaks are form of proof of dedication to somebody,” Kelly Bell, a 15-year-old in San Diego, stated.

“My buddies get freaked out if I do not sustain a streak, so I simply do,” Spector added.

“It is a solution to measure your friendship in a great way,” Samantha Barkho, a 15-year-old from Oakland, New Jersey, stated. “It is a cool solution to see how lengthy you’ve got been speaking to somebody.”

Streaks are like a enterprise transaction

Sure, you want common contact with “buddies” to maintain a streak up, however the threshold for what passes as communication is low.

Many teenagers advised us how some folks have been recognized to get up a couple of minutes early for college simply to allow them to blast out a clean display screen that claims “streaks” to everybody of their latest contacts, thereby protecting their numbers up.

Sam DeMaria, a 15-year-old from Dobbs Ferry, New York, stated he guesses that he spends about 5 minutes each morning “organising his streaks.”

“I ship one message to all my streaks,” he stated. “I do a pic that claims ‘streaks’ or take an image of one thing that represents how I am feeling proper now.”

“If I add somebody new, they’re going to be in my recents,” DeMaria added. “I am going by way of all my recents and do streaks for all my recents. Possibly I search for somebody I have never spoken to shortly who I wish to meet up with, then I am going to re-start a streak with them. I do not prefer to allow them to finish due to the period of time I’ve put into them.”

“I’ve buddies who deal with it principally like enterprise,” Kelly Bell, a 15-year-old in San Diego, stated. “It is one thing they only should put in work to keep up. They ship snaps each morning or each evening that simply say ‘streak.'” 

As a result of teenagers make investments a lot time of their streaks, it’s normal to ask buddies to streak for you when you’re unable to go browsing — for instance, when you received your cellphone taken away.

For a lot of bored teenagers, protecting streaks alive can be simply one other type of leisure.

DeMaria stated that if he cannot do his streaks, he’ll let different folks go browsing and deal with upkeep; he is pleased to repay the favor.

“One time, my good friend Madison received her cellphone taken away, so she requested me to do her streaks. It was straightforward, I simply logged in and despatched streaks to all her recents.”

“I’ve a good friend who went to Australia, and earlier than he left he gave me his information so I may sustain his accounts,” Fallon Villarreal, a 17-year-old in Honolulu, stated. “I do know lots of people use their siblings’ telephones to maintain their streaks up if their cellphone will get taken away.”

Ending streaks can have penalties

And what occurs if a streak is unintentionally damaged? One teen equated the sensation to lacking a free-throw in a basketball recreation. There’s momentary disappointment, however on the finish of the day the world is not over.

 “One in every of my buddies really referred to as me whereas I used to be sleeping to verify our streak would nonetheless be going,” DeMaria stated. “He referred to as me 4 instances and woke me as much as hold the streak alive. He was like, ‘Are we nonetheless streaking?'”

“A few of my streaks have been damaged and I often simply ship a message like, ‘What occurred!?'” Rafael Singer stated.

“More often than not they only forgot about it, which is completely comprehensible. Personally, I do not take it so critically that I might get in an argument about it, however I do know some individuals who would get actually upset, particularly if the streak had been going for like 400 or 500 days.”

“When you’ve got a protracted streak with somebody and also you lose it or they lose it, that sucks,” Barkho stated.

“Once I went to D.C. and was busy for a semester, I could not examine my cellphone as a lot and misplaced all my streaks,” Spector stated. “I had some 200-day streaks that I misplaced. My buddies have been all mad at me, however I do not take it that critically.”

However whereas streaks can appear superficial or gamified, under the floor they’re typically only a solution to get nearer to buddies.

“I believe streaks are actually simply an excuse for interplay with sure folks,” Michael Sheldon, a 16-year-old from Arlington, Virginia, stated. “Folks use it as form of an excuse to speak to somebody. Possibly you simply wish to be nearer buddies with them, otherwise you like them — you may begin a streak.”

“My streaks are extra essential to me than views on Snapchat,” Campbell Weeks, a 12-year-old from Augusta, Georgia, stated. With streaks you get to have a dialog. With views it is simply individuals who see your story; you do not discuss to them.”

“Once I ship streaks, my buddies will snap me again and I find yourself speaking to them, so it is a solution to have conversations with buddies,” Weeks stated. “I’ve grow to be higher buddies with folks due to my Snapchat streaks.”

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